D&G Crush

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With the rain that is pouring outside today I have been looking through all my favourite collections from Fashion Week and the one that stands out for its bold and some what summery take on winter is D&G ready to wear collection.

With D&G around, there is absolutely no danger of any of us contracting a case of the Winter Blues next time the snow starts to fall. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; this is indeed, this year’s Autumn/Winter collection from the outstanding Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week.

This famous duo like a good theme, and this time it was the fabulous 80’s. While this summer is filled with hippie-inspired fashion, next winter sees us jumping a generation with the help of D&G.

Here we see them at their best. Injecting colour and fun into the catwalk as we watched neon colours walk over neon letters that decorated the catwalk, igniting excitement, ambition, and a care free attitude into the audience; a new, fun-loving way to look at fashion. Dolly Jones, Vogue online writer in her report jokes: “did Henry Holland just storm the D&G catwalk?” With the bold colours and quirky lettering, it certainly seems possible. The collection seems to have a “party in the 80’s” feel about it, with everyone swapping clothes, a seemingly perfect idea for the current economic climate!

Lycra tube dresses, chunky Perspex necklaces, heeled trainers, lettered leggings and statement tees are just a few of the energetic, lively surprises D&G had in store. Adding pushed down socks and charm necklaces, this vibrant collection practically jumped off the catwalk. The 80’s inspired theme was cemented as the models walked in time to Madonna’s infamous ‘Vogue’, paying perfect tribute to the eccentric collection.

The Lycra soon turned into full length chiffon dresses in the same bright pinks, yellows and oranges with the occasional hint of black, keeping the pieces fun but elegant. Along with several over-sized blazers and chiffon shirts, this animated and dynamic collection was all about getting back to exciting, new fashion.

The finale was no disappointment either. A parade of girls dressed in gorgeous but quirky feather skirts and t-shirts printed with candy colours letters of lilac, mint, baby pink, orange and lemon was a show-stopping finish, bringing all the entertainment to an end. The multi-coloured heeled trainers only added to the aura of fun-loving fashion that surrounds this collection, almost seeming to take a break from your hectic, adult life and throw you back to your childhood. ABC, it’s easy as 123…

While it is a somewhat confusing collection with the crazy colours, the bold statement tees, and odd alphabet focus it’s so loveable. Taking inspiration from the much loved children’s alphabet soup, the fun aura that illuminates this collection is hard to miss, just like a child’s mind.

The menswear collection was no different dominated with the muse of Pop. Again sporting the bright colours and alphabet adornment, logos of Coca-Cola and the much loved, Micky Mouse was also present, as were Bomber jackets, skinny trousers and cherry coloured trainers ;a perfect symbol for the pairs love for the American preppy look and truly showing us the true sprit of the D&G collection; fun, childish, and feel good.

Forget the harsh leather, military jackets and dull camel of last winter, because this year it’s going to be all about the colour if the Italian duo have it their way!


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For our styling final we had to produce a magazine fashion story and I decided to do a white, romantic shoot; a very popular trend this season and I thought I would share it with you. I have taken off the captions and heading etc just to show you my favourite images! Hope you like :)
(For some reason they have come up really small but click on them to enlarge)

Keep to your timetable..

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I have been the worst blogger known to the blogging world over the last year and all I can do is apoligise to all my lovely followers. It is no excuse but I have been so busy with uni work and work placements that I have literally had no time to sit down and blog, but now it is summer; a completely different story!

So, as of today I will be back as I have five months off uni and I shall be posting a blog on all my favourite vintage fashion pieces for this summer later on this afternoon so stayed tuned.

Have a lovely day. xxxx

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

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Its now times like these I wish this statement has a hell of alot of truth to it. I would just like to say I am going to be back . I am going to be back updating my blog and writing pointless things for you all. Unfortunatly I just got a bit lapsed over the summer but now I am back and I plan to make it better than ever.

A quick five second update on my life...

Interned at Look Magazine over the summer
Enjoyed holidays in the Carribeen, Florida and Egypt over summer
Interning at Now Magazine this winter
I write weekly fashion updates for My Retail Heaven (i shall be linking you to these)
I am back in Southampton for my second year at uni....
and I am going to get back into blogging!

Spread the word, Im back.


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"take the risk, forget the fall, if its what you want, its worth it all.."

The Guy & The Wardrobe

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Every girl has that one guy. That one guy in their life that they are lusting after, in love with, or the one person where those feelings seem impossible to bury when all you want to do is shove the memories, the feelings, far, far back in your wardrobe like last season’s Topshop.

I don’t really have that many opinions or advice on love. I mean, sure, I’ve been in love but no one can ever claim to be an expert or master something that so many people don’t understand. The big and often daunting L.O.V.E means so many different things to so many different people; the impossibility of even trying to comprehend the meaning of it is inevitable. There are so many love songs, poems and ideas that circulate the perfect love but really there isn’t such a thing; if there are no perfect people how can there be a perfect love?

My personal favourite little ‘status quo’ if you like, is love is blind. It’s not my favourite because I believe in it; in fact it’s quite the opposite. When you honestly think about it, love, when you first start out, is a vein thing. The personality part of love is something that comes at that later stage of a relationship because the reason you agreed to go on that date in the first place in purely because you thought he was totally gorgeous and probably because you checked out his hair, his face and his clothes. So if love is so blind then what would make us girls say a resounding yes when the hot guy from the train asked us out for a drink? The truth is, before something blossoms, it is imperative to look at what someone is wearing before even giving them the Y word. Sure, once you’re in love, it may be slightly blinder for some, but I am telling you if my man walked out in a pair of white linen trousers or something I would immediately take him out shopping after deciding he clearly can not dress himself. There is a line with only so much bad dressing a girl can take.

For me, as much as I entertain myself by looking at what other girls are wearing while sitting on the train or walking along down the street (don’t deny it girls because we all do it!), I also do it for men. Start at the shoes and work my way up; a guy many have a charming shirt on and decent jeans but beyond that may lie a sneaky pair of chunky, white and pale blue Nike Air trainers and right there and then, he has ruined his chances. He might be a very nice person, but I would get feed up of his poor shoe obsession when my own obsession revolves more around Kurt Geiger not JD Sports. It just wouldn’t be the right match for us to fall in love; I’d be constantly battling for him to get a grip with his shoes while he would be constantly battling to stop me from spending so much money on mine. You see, it just wouldn’t work.

This whole thing that love is blind is a nice idea and it would be ideal for everyone involved, but if it’s so blind why do people spend so long doing their hair, makeup, picking out their clothes, and making the most of themselves? Because the attraction to someone starts as vanity and we, as a society, know that, hence the reason we spend so much money on the way we look.

Isn’t it ironic as well how people say you glow when you’re in love? It seems that you never stop looking good throughout the whole relationship process. You start with the first date in which you prepare beyond belief with the waxing, the plucking and spending double the amount of time on your makeup to achieve the sexy ‘I didn’t make much effort’ look. However, it seems that even when you get to the stage in a relationship when you really don’t care if your legs are a little bit prickly or that your eyebrows are slightly more caterpillar like than before, because you have that ‘loving twinkle’ in your eye, and you immediately look stunning. So, really, the whole process of dating, moving in, marriage and babies, in all completely in vain, because you will always look good as long as your in love; unless your man starts dressing like David Dickenson in which case we have a problem, and you don’t want his wardrobe to became more of a hassle in your life than your own!

Fashion even comes into the places in our lives we thought it never would. Before I sat here and thought about it, I didn’t really see how much dress could affect a relationship. Yes, how a man dresses has always been very important to me, but until I realised how it could affect my chances with someone I didn’t know that fashion could affect a relationship. To be honest though, who wants to be standing there having a pointless argument about a hideous shirt your boyfriend is trying to go out in when you can save yourself all the hassle from the start. Not me!

this ain't nothing but a summer jam.

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Wow, it feels like I haven't stared and typed away at this screen for so long. I have been a bit of an absent face around the blogging world but recently, my life has been a blur of uni deadlines, late night drinking, parties and stress that I simply haven't be able to bide much time to just sit down and write. (It's the end of year, so the general drinking the night before deadline dates has commenced thus leading to self-inflicted and slightly un-nessesary stress).

I have however, found a massive relief in shopping this week, after my state of turmoil over the lack of it in my life over the last month or so, managing to wittle far to much money on yet more things to add to my summer wardrobe. I do it because it makes me happy. Shopping makes me happy.

One of my investments was this little jumpsuit beauty from Miss Selfridge. (I literally never buy from here, but I couldn't help admist my mad adreniline rush to be shopping again, I pratically sprinted into every shop, rugby tackled the displays, just to find the next best thing to slip into my wardrobe.)

If you don't like patterned or daring peices I'm going to take a guess right now and say you hate this and would rather jump into a pool of blood thirsty sharks than wear this but I feel in love with it, so I am sorry if it hurts anyones eyes. I think it's so perfect for my holiday's this year as it can be worn in the day or dressed up with heels at night. This was far too much money for a penny less student to be spending but I need to treat myself...I did get some charity shops buys too today, so it balances out. Or at least I like to think anyway. My bank doesn't hate my that much; at least I am spending money to give back to them, even if I don't have it just yet.

I thought as I haven't been on here in a while I'd my own summer fashion tips...they are as follows:-

* STRAW HATS- Another little summer love of mine is the straw hat. Yes, granted it looks a bit like you have raided a farmers wardrobe BUT it also looks so cute! Personally, I would wear with demin shorts of something and also I think they look fabulous with a pair of bug sunnies. Or to be honest, I think you can pretty much wear it with anything. They have them everywhere at the moment for 5 or so pounds..can't really say no to such a bargin price can you.

* MAXI DRESSES- The amazing thing about maxi dresses is that you can find ones to suit every person! I for one have seriously short legs and curves that make my hips like the size of mount everest so the tigher, cotton like ones make me look like a whale. They a suitable for the super skinny, model like, girls! (Jelous if thats you). I tend to stick the the floaty ones with the more plunging neckline as they are far more flattering on me. There are so many different types out there you can do the headless chicken searching and find one to look perfect on you.

* CORAL- I am loving this whole coral makeup shabang! I brought the Barry M lipstick and nail varish a few weeks ago to veer away from my red look of the winter and I must say it is fantastic. Makes me feel so summery and with a bit of shimmer on the cheeks I'm ready to go.

* DEMIN DEMIN DEMIN- I love demin shorts for the summer. I think they are so easy to throw on with any top, tshirt or cardi and they always look effortless. I also must admit, while alot of people don't, I think double demin is seriously hot. I literally love it! I think it looks classic and yet so easy to wear. Demin shirt tucked into demin shorts with a tan belt and bag is in my opinion, beautiful. Or maybe a demin shirt open over demin shorts. There is alot of options. (and yes, I am loving the tan accessories too).

* SUNGLASSES- Do i need say more? My sunglasses pretty much stay glued to my face throughout summer. That is all.

There is so many other key things I could list and if I don't shutup this post will just ramble on and on and on and bore you all to tears. But I would also like to recommend: florals, pastels, tan bags, straw bags (although obviously not worn with the straw hat you're all going to buy), wedges, strips, sundresses and all the other beaaaaaautiful summery things you can think of!