Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Posted: Monday, 11 October 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. |

Its now times like these I wish this statement has a hell of alot of truth to it. I would just like to say I am going to be back . I am going to be back updating my blog and writing pointless things for you all. Unfortunatly I just got a bit lapsed over the summer but now I am back and I plan to make it better than ever.

A quick five second update on my life...

Interned at Look Magazine over the summer
Enjoyed holidays in the Carribeen, Florida and Egypt over summer
Interning at Now Magazine this winter
I write weekly fashion updates for My Retail Heaven (i shall be linking you to these)
I am back in Southampton for my second year at uni....
and I am going to get back into blogging!

Spread the word, Im back.



  1. Chloe. said...
  2. lovely to see you'll be blogging again. can't wait to read more soon. :) xx

    we could go anywhere..

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