The Guy & The Wardrobe

Posted: Tuesday, 8 June 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. |

Every girl has that one guy. That one guy in their life that they are lusting after, in love with, or the one person where those feelings seem impossible to bury when all you want to do is shove the memories, the feelings, far, far back in your wardrobe like last season’s Topshop.

I don’t really have that many opinions or advice on love. I mean, sure, I’ve been in love but no one can ever claim to be an expert or master something that so many people don’t understand. The big and often daunting L.O.V.E means so many different things to so many different people; the impossibility of even trying to comprehend the meaning of it is inevitable. There are so many love songs, poems and ideas that circulate the perfect love but really there isn’t such a thing; if there are no perfect people how can there be a perfect love?

My personal favourite little ‘status quo’ if you like, is love is blind. It’s not my favourite because I believe in it; in fact it’s quite the opposite. When you honestly think about it, love, when you first start out, is a vein thing. The personality part of love is something that comes at that later stage of a relationship because the reason you agreed to go on that date in the first place in purely because you thought he was totally gorgeous and probably because you checked out his hair, his face and his clothes. So if love is so blind then what would make us girls say a resounding yes when the hot guy from the train asked us out for a drink? The truth is, before something blossoms, it is imperative to look at what someone is wearing before even giving them the Y word. Sure, once you’re in love, it may be slightly blinder for some, but I am telling you if my man walked out in a pair of white linen trousers or something I would immediately take him out shopping after deciding he clearly can not dress himself. There is a line with only so much bad dressing a girl can take.

For me, as much as I entertain myself by looking at what other girls are wearing while sitting on the train or walking along down the street (don’t deny it girls because we all do it!), I also do it for men. Start at the shoes and work my way up; a guy many have a charming shirt on and decent jeans but beyond that may lie a sneaky pair of chunky, white and pale blue Nike Air trainers and right there and then, he has ruined his chances. He might be a very nice person, but I would get feed up of his poor shoe obsession when my own obsession revolves more around Kurt Geiger not JD Sports. It just wouldn’t be the right match for us to fall in love; I’d be constantly battling for him to get a grip with his shoes while he would be constantly battling to stop me from spending so much money on mine. You see, it just wouldn’t work.

This whole thing that love is blind is a nice idea and it would be ideal for everyone involved, but if it’s so blind why do people spend so long doing their hair, makeup, picking out their clothes, and making the most of themselves? Because the attraction to someone starts as vanity and we, as a society, know that, hence the reason we spend so much money on the way we look.

Isn’t it ironic as well how people say you glow when you’re in love? It seems that you never stop looking good throughout the whole relationship process. You start with the first date in which you prepare beyond belief with the waxing, the plucking and spending double the amount of time on your makeup to achieve the sexy ‘I didn’t make much effort’ look. However, it seems that even when you get to the stage in a relationship when you really don’t care if your legs are a little bit prickly or that your eyebrows are slightly more caterpillar like than before, because you have that ‘loving twinkle’ in your eye, and you immediately look stunning. So, really, the whole process of dating, moving in, marriage and babies, in all completely in vain, because you will always look good as long as your in love; unless your man starts dressing like David Dickenson in which case we have a problem, and you don’t want his wardrobe to became more of a hassle in your life than your own!

Fashion even comes into the places in our lives we thought it never would. Before I sat here and thought about it, I didn’t really see how much dress could affect a relationship. Yes, how a man dresses has always been very important to me, but until I realised how it could affect my chances with someone I didn’t know that fashion could affect a relationship. To be honest though, who wants to be standing there having a pointless argument about a hideous shirt your boyfriend is trying to go out in when you can save yourself all the hassle from the start. Not me!


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