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Posted: Monday, 6 June 2011 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. |

With the rain that is pouring outside today I have been looking through all my favourite collections from Fashion Week and the one that stands out for its bold and some what summery take on winter is D&G ready to wear collection.

With D&G around, there is absolutely no danger of any of us contracting a case of the Winter Blues next time the snow starts to fall. No, your eyes are not deceiving you; this is indeed, this year’s Autumn/Winter collection from the outstanding Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week.

This famous duo like a good theme, and this time it was the fabulous 80’s. While this summer is filled with hippie-inspired fashion, next winter sees us jumping a generation with the help of D&G.

Here we see them at their best. Injecting colour and fun into the catwalk as we watched neon colours walk over neon letters that decorated the catwalk, igniting excitement, ambition, and a care free attitude into the audience; a new, fun-loving way to look at fashion. Dolly Jones, Vogue online writer in her report jokes: “did Henry Holland just storm the D&G catwalk?” With the bold colours and quirky lettering, it certainly seems possible. The collection seems to have a “party in the 80’s” feel about it, with everyone swapping clothes, a seemingly perfect idea for the current economic climate!

Lycra tube dresses, chunky Perspex necklaces, heeled trainers, lettered leggings and statement tees are just a few of the energetic, lively surprises D&G had in store. Adding pushed down socks and charm necklaces, this vibrant collection practically jumped off the catwalk. The 80’s inspired theme was cemented as the models walked in time to Madonna’s infamous ‘Vogue’, paying perfect tribute to the eccentric collection.

The Lycra soon turned into full length chiffon dresses in the same bright pinks, yellows and oranges with the occasional hint of black, keeping the pieces fun but elegant. Along with several over-sized blazers and chiffon shirts, this animated and dynamic collection was all about getting back to exciting, new fashion.

The finale was no disappointment either. A parade of girls dressed in gorgeous but quirky feather skirts and t-shirts printed with candy colours letters of lilac, mint, baby pink, orange and lemon was a show-stopping finish, bringing all the entertainment to an end. The multi-coloured heeled trainers only added to the aura of fun-loving fashion that surrounds this collection, almost seeming to take a break from your hectic, adult life and throw you back to your childhood. ABC, it’s easy as 123…

While it is a somewhat confusing collection with the crazy colours, the bold statement tees, and odd alphabet focus it’s so loveable. Taking inspiration from the much loved children’s alphabet soup, the fun aura that illuminates this collection is hard to miss, just like a child’s mind.

The menswear collection was no different dominated with the muse of Pop. Again sporting the bright colours and alphabet adornment, logos of Coca-Cola and the much loved, Micky Mouse was also present, as were Bomber jackets, skinny trousers and cherry coloured trainers ;a perfect symbol for the pairs love for the American preppy look and truly showing us the true sprit of the D&G collection; fun, childish, and feel good.

Forget the harsh leather, military jackets and dull camel of last winter, because this year it’s going to be all about the colour if the Italian duo have it their way!


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