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Is it just me or is it that every time I walk down the street I just can't help but judge people. Not in the, 'I dont like you' way but by judging their style and thinking fashion police alert or hello sexy! I suppose it's my own way of thinking I'm some kind of Anna Wintour, thinking my opinion even counts; but there is just something about watching others walk by you and thinking, 'yes, i want that' or 'are they avoiding reflections today?'. It's sort of a way of passing the time on a journey I suppose but there is some sort of control and admiration that comes along with it.

I love when you see someone and adore what they are wearing. It can sometimes give a new take on everything and a trend that you binned before. It's a way of seeing how different styles suit different people; a way of opening your eyes to different doors and paths in fashion. On occasions, I have admired peoples outfits and thought about how my own individual take on it would come together. I think sometimes it's good to get fashion influence from the girl that walked past you in the high street rather than the celebrities that are simply styled by others, lacking their own individual taste. It's more inspiring to base a new outfit on a real, normal person instead of a fake bake celebrity. I'm not saying that all the famous and fabulous are like that or denying that some of them such as Mary-Kate or Alexa Chung have impeccable style, it's just that sometimes it's endearing to see a real girl inspiring and influencing other people take on fashion.

Spying unknowns outfits can also bring an element of humour to your life. It's always entertaining for some of us to see a girl, dressed head to toe in what you think is unspeakably atrocious, and thinking of all the ways you could give her or him a fabulous make over. Although, this does have it's downside if you are a slight obessive and will think about all the possible changes in that poor persons wardrobe all day and lose concentration on everything else surrounding your day.

You see, judging, in a postive way, is a wonderful thing. It can inspire and change your views. Judging can allow people to broaden their minds and even allow people to become more daring in their outfits; not because of the airbrushed model they saw in the magazine but because they saw a real girl making the trend look fabulous and wearable. I suppose by a regular women taking on something different and bold it makes others feel more confident in experimentation. Fashion is something that can be altered and adjusted to whatever your taste with the public more likely to make others feel secure to invest in fashion rather than models and personally, I think there is something quite remarkable about that.


  1. Hope Chella said...
  2. I agree about positive judgements. I once told a stranger at a party in college, how much I loved her necklace. She took it off and gave it to me! I contacted her the next day in case "the party" impaired her judgement but nope, it was mine. It is still one of my favorites...

    Of course that never happened again and I do not compliment people because of that, but why not brighten someone's day and say something if you like what they are wearing? The worst that will happen is that you will be snubbed and that's their problem.

    Nice blog :)


  3. such.is-jaHnice said...
  4. I am so annoyed .. I wrote a really long comment on my iPhone to post up here, to only have my iPhone shit itself and reset ! Which leaves me with having to rewrite it again only to have it happen again.
    I wanted to beat this so I thought fuck it .. type my comment on my computer at work and ensure no one sees me doing it ! haha

    So as I was saying .. I totally agree with this post.

    I tend to look at girls and guys on my lunch break or when I have nothing better to stare at when I am out – and love looking at the styles they are wearing, whether I would wear it like that or if I would change it. A lot of my girlfriends think its bitchy of me to comment on other girls clothes when I don’t like it, but I don’t see a problem in openly voicing my opinion, its not because I am trying to insult or degrade others its just my opinion. My boyfriend also thinks I am checking the guys out when I do it to them but its not – its just that fashion makes the world go round and its always good to see other people portray fashion – even if its disgusting.
    LOL @ the thoughts of giving someone in hideous clothing a makeover, a girl at work I hang with on breaks always does it with me “if I was her and I had that body, I would never wear that” “lets take her and make her over” – its just the fun of it all !

    Thanks heaps for following sweety ! really appreciate it ! almost at 50 then I can hold my giveaway WOO !
    Following back :)

  5. xbbkay said...
  6. i thought this post was very inspirational and relatable. I think most girls judge one anoher. Maybe it's built into our biology.

    But recieving a comment, or giving one always make any girl happy. it always brighen up my day.

  7. Aleisha-Rose said...
  8. Hey!!! Very cute post. I think everyone to some degree judges others... mostly what others are wearing. I guess thats why it may be hard for some people to wear whatever the hell they like, as they know others will be judging them. But thats what fashion is about. Just trusting yourself to know you look fabulous and be confident! I think that what ever you wear should be a reflection of yourself, not just what you think you should wear to avoid being judged. SO I say judge me judge me judge me all you like... It won't bring me down at all... but you just might want to copy my style! HAHA.

    Love you posts!

    p.s. thanks for following me


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