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Posted: Tuesday, 9 March 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. | Labels: , , ,

Ok, I have just found the cutest dresses for summer . Actually, THE cutest ones in the world, cleverly designed by Orion London. If you havent heard of them before Orion London create dresses so girly but yet so unique; like a little bundle of spring/summer heaven. I think Look magazine did an article a few weeks ago about their dresses and it really inspired me to keep updated on them for my summer dress collection; which is always far too oversized and over indulged. So, on this cloudy morning (where has the sunshine gone!), I took the liberty to once again browse their website only to come across so many, gorgeous, summer dresses that I can't buy thanks to my lovely student budget. So, just to pre-warn you, this blog could be very dangerous for your bank account.

Personally, I think if you are after a summer day dress that is going to be different than anyone else's this is the place to look. Their combination of colours and design is fantastic and can be beautifully wore with the right accessories. I think my personal favourite is the top orange one, although to be completely honest, I would have all of them hanging in my wardrobe.
(images are taken from their online shop... http:// TAKE A LOOK.)


  1. DoodleDaisy said...
  2. oh i adore that bottom blue dress! thanks for following doll.

  3. Nehima said...
  4. love all the dresses hope to have the courage to purchase some similar to these as I am usually one that plays it safe and chooses rather more plain dresses :)

  5. Leanne Gresswell said...
  6. I just looked at the whole website...I think I'm in love <3

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