Tim Burton the lastest craze?

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Fashion is a tangled web of wonder. There’s something about it that hold’s element of surprise and the unexpected. Each thread, each weave, revealing an innovative, new design startling the hearts of fashionistas, and halting the world into silence as it takes your breath away. It’s this very feeling that crops up every season. As you get comfortable in your seat and stare at the empty catwalk, you have already created a mental picture of the shoes, dresses, shirts and trousers are going to make up the collection. I suppose you begin to believe you have seen it all; believe that you are inside the designers minds, but really you are doing nothing but not believing in fashion. Fashion is ever changing and yet while we all expect the norm season in, season out, fashion always knows how to push the boundaries and bring us something fabulously outrageous. This season is no different it just seems now something else is beginning to shape fashion’s identity; the Cinema.
With the upcoming Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland, it’s no wonder the catwalks were over-flowing with pastel and candy colours, oversized bows, doll-like dresses and dramatic makeup. While the Disney original of the film is made up of play-safe pastel colours, Tim Burton is renowned for his quirky approach to theatre and it seems the fashion boat has used this to set sail for spring.
As we waited impatiently for the spring/summer 2010 collections to slander graciously down the catwalk, each journalist, upcoming designer and photographer were thinking the same. A ray of natural and nude faces surrounded by boho hair and dressed in florals were going to be paraded; the usual spring looks. Alas, the silence was electric as Marc Jacobs models appeared with gothic eyes and lips, only to be followed by Luella’s block-colouring eye shadow, throwing out the rule-book and reeling Alice’s one in. The make-up was soon followed by the girly frills of pastel frocks from Valentino, Burberry and Roberto Cavilli to name a few.

It sees the catwalks are not the only place that fashion is gripped by Wonderland. In honour of the film release Stella Mccartney has designed a limited edition necklace and charm bracelet complete with playing cards and a rabbit. It is also rumoured that designers such as Christopher Kane have fallen for Alice’s charm as they create bespoke outfits for her to be displayed at French Department Store, Printemps during Paris Fashion Week.

With thanks to our favourite little white rabbit it’s our chance to have a spring we weren’t expecting. We can keep our beloved eyeliner we have grown to love once more, while ditching the military boots, slipping into a sugar pink sundress and securing bows in our hair. With all the studs, black and leather over winter it’s a relief to our bodies to know we are getting rid of our manly wardrobe and being a little more feminine this season; although with hint of risqué as we attempt our Burton-esque makeup.
It seems odd to me as I shop for my new favourite pieces, that a film has once again shaped our catwalks and caused such an eruption in the fashion world. It began last season with the influx of vampire looks, recognition of the new Twilight film, and now the euphoria of Wonderland, as our stores are lined with lemons, sugars and pastels, shaping our spring, summer trends. Maybe it’s the designers looking at the demand of what the public want. Any girl would love to be Alice, entering a world of sheer madness, not knowing what’s to crop up next, faced with something different every minute. Although, something that sounds almost identical to the tangled web that is fashions own wonderland.
This season, we can kick off our chucky boots, hang up our bushy fur coats and celebrate girly frocks and skirts. As fashions very own looking glass bores down on us, it’s time to embrace a new epidemic; fashion as cinema and Alice’s extremely beautiful wardrobe wonderland. Now, there’s something in fashion we never expected.



  1. Nehima said...
  2. looking forward to seeing the movie Alice in Wonderland the beautiful and bright Gothic theme presented by Tim Burton are such an inspiration and so glamorous!

  3. Musicalhouses said...
  4. I love the whole Tim Burton thing going on right now, it kind of adds a little whimsy and pizzazz to the spring fashion trends :)

  5. Christina said...
  6. I love Alice in Wonderland.. I bought the Mad as a Hatter and it looks really great, esp if you are wearing all black!

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