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I actually ADORE little boutiques. I think there is something about them that just really makes you feel like you have something a little more special than buying something out of somewhere like Topshop maybe. Even from where they are, down little cobbled roads, looking all pretty; they are irresistable, its an undeniable fact. Sadly, living being at uni in Southampton, I rarely get to see any, although to be honest, most of the best ones are in London. Me and my best friend were actually talking yesterday about her setting up her own boutique in a few years and me doing all the publicity for it, and like little girls we got all excited and giggly about it, generally screaming out phrases like, "it's going to be so good", "oh god I am excited!", and "this is going to be amazing", each said with several sequels inbetween. We aren't really sure on location or name or much else really, but we have this really cute idea of having a section at the back filled with gorgeous cupcakes with little french type tables and chairs for hungry shoppers; how amazing would that be! Baring in mind, this will be in many, many years to come, when we actually have a bit of money and are fully clear of our student debt; although right now that really does seem near enough impossible, but you know, it's fine, we still have a brilliant time wishing we could have clothes we can't afford.
Anyways, I was searching today for a dress, (yes, another new dress), for my best friends birthday in a few weeks, but sadly, it seems that I either have most of them or there is just nothing new around at the moment, but I did come across the site for one of my favourite boutiques ever; clearly they have gone a bit more upmarket since I last had a chance to visit. It's called Dahlia, you may or may not have heard of it, but I'm pretty sure it has recently become very popular so you probably have! And even if you have I just want to reinforce how beautiful it is; so vintage, (as a little bit cringe as that word is), but yet so girly!

I saw this dress and now I want it; see it, want it, thats normally how shopping goes with me. I just love the cute little flowers; flowers make me happy. Espeically daisies, and I think these are daisies. Sadly, it's probably a little too causal for my friends birthday but for a summer dress or a garden party I think it is adorable and I will be very jelous of anyone who has it!
But I am still in dire need of a party dress for this birthday, so if you have any, I am open to suggestions...please.
So, yeah, this really is just a blog about my pure love for cute little boutiques, although don't mistake me for not loving Topshop because that would just be a ridiculous and very untrue assumption!


  1. Life of Temptation said...
  2. Heyyy there :D lol, I actually want to open my own boutique store one day :P If I ever do.. I'll let you know ;) Cute blog by the way!~

  3. m a d s said...
  4. Haha the cringe bit about vintage made me laugh, I know what you mean. The dress is gorgeous,please do have a shop someday with little cakes and tables, sounds idyllic! xxx

  5. Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...
  6. love boutiques, this dress is adorable! xoxo

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