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OK, so I need to share my excitement with you; I have just been offered a placement at Look Magazine for over the summer and I honestly don't think I've ever been this excited in my life; seriously, I actually haven't stopped smiling all day.

My dream job is to work for a fashion mag so to get this is going to actually be the best thing ever! London every day is going to be amazing.

:):) smiles all around for me today!



  1. m a d s said...
  2. Wow, I feel your excitement! Congrats on getting the placement! Good luck :) xxx
    P.S For some reason I can't always comment on your posts because the verification code box gets cut off at the end? Not sure if it's just me but I thought I'd let you know x

  3. Danielle Jennings. said...
  4. aw thankyou! :)
    oh gosh, thats annoying, I'll try and sort it, although I have no idea how! haha xx

  5. VintageElectra said...
  6. Wow!Congratulations and all the luck in the world. x

  7. about me - said...
  8. Wow, thats amazing! I'm so excited for you, keep us posted on how it goes! Working at a fashion magazine is a dream of mine to, I've sent a bunch of emails but normally recieve no reply. Did you do something in perticular? Thanks, I really love your blog by the way. xx, s.

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