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Does anyone else find the layout in H&M seriously irritating?
I was trying to shop yesterday in the wonderful mob that is the saturday shoppers (a mistake I took mental note to never do again), waltzing behind twin buggies and general dawdlers when all I really wanted to do was race to the next shop. Why would anyone want to take a causal walk, I WANT TO BE AT THE NEXT SHOP AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE DAMMIT.
So, anyway, after my trek through tortoises and slugs that like to come out the cracks of a weekend, I eventually made it into H&M, still in search for an outfit for my friends birthday, as stated in a previous blog somewhere. Normally, I would go to Topshop or somewhere first but as it's the end of term and budgets are running low, H&M is first priority.
I don't really go there in search of something particular, just when I'm in having a general shop with the girlfriends but when I was actually looking for something I honestly don't think I have ever been as confused and annoyed by a layout as this one.
I remember last term when my fashion promotion tutor always used to bang on that H&M had the best store layout of any high street store; at the time I really didn't take any notice but now I have to say...I STRONGLY DISAGREE. She used to blab, 'they have a setup to help guide you round the store'. I think she meant guide me into walls. I'm not sure if it was just the sheer weight of people trying to squeeze up and down the tiny isles that annoyed me or the fact there was no specific sections so I had to take a guess as to where the 'going out' stuff was, but I just gave up trying in the end and left.
When I was walking around because they hang the clothes sideways it was impossible to see them through the buggies and mountains of shopping bags that build up on a weekend. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the clothes in there but I couldn't even see them to even consider buying them, so the whole effect is really quite pointless.
I ended up moaning the whole way round to my boyfriend that I couldn't even get down the stupid aisles or around the cabinet in the middle of the floor, so he said something along the lines of, 'Dan, I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Just write a blog about it or something', so, I did. I have had my moan up and now I feel slightly better.
But really, I do think they should change it. It's not a boutique, they can't afford to have tiny aisles and sideways hanging, it gets too busy for that. I just want to see the clothes, not someones bad highlights.


  1. Francesca♥ said...
  2. i work in H&M in Leeds but our store is totally the opposite, all the customers say how easy it is to find stuff and navigate around the store, and that we are all very helpful :) saying that our main store on the main shopping street is a disaster... cant find anything you want and its always totally trashed ! i feel your pain! ♥

  3. hi, i'm jodie. said...
  4. my h&m is quite small so everythings just there when you walk in, they only ever have things i like when i have no money though :(
    btw i really like your layout, did you do it? x

  5. Danielle Jennings. said...
  6. @francesca- ah, thats what mine is like, it was so annoying sadly! I want one more like yours x

    @jodie- thankyou! erm, I can't actually remember but it was just a white layout :) x

  7. Emma Jade said...
  8. Grr I totally agree, if its a busy day and you dont have the patience of a saint H&M is a nightmare The layout is awful, i've got stuck in a tiny aisle blocked by prams and 10 year olds many many times. Also if they got their sizing right it wouldnt be necessary to try every piece of clothing on including basics, then maybe the queues for changing rooms wouldnt be so long! I could have a right rant too!
    aha the one liner from your bf was hilarious!

  9. mel said...
  10. :) this is such a funny post - shame about the layout though - i love h&m wish they had it here in australia but no:( i went in italy though and it was amazing, but the layout was pretty good - alot of storeys though...

  11. M said...
  12. so funny, that store is always a battle! love ur layout by the way, how did you get it?

  13. VintageElectra said...
  14. haha, i love this!
    Your a wonderful writer, and for this reason i nominated you for a beautiful Blogger award, mostly to show my appreciation. ♥ x

  15. darlingdee said...
  16. Thank you so much for my award! I will be posting it on my blog ;)


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