Tacky Fantastic!

Posted: Wednesday, 3 March 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. | Labels: , ,

Today my gemcase for my blackberry came, after waiting three weeks for it to finally turn up, and I'm pretty sure it is verging on the edge of wannabe celebrity with a hint of tacky. Having said that I also adore it; hopefully this will be the last tack-invest I buy or I will have serious worries about myself.

There she is. Well, obviously this is only the case but it looks even better on my phone. Although, I do have a slight problem with it. Me and my friend got a tad worried the other day when Style Magazine ranked these gemcases as the lowest on their chart, branding them as cheap and problematically, I am doing work experience for them in the summer. Considering that point, I suppose I had better remove it before I set foot into that office or I may have my beloved phone lauched out the window and dropped into the Thames tarnishing any chance of my future there.
Ok, so that is very dramatic and probably unlikely to happen but I really do not want to be known as the trampy work experience girl with the hideous phone from day one do I. I do live in hope that they will look past the phone and change their minds by July but this also remains unlikely. Although, maybe by being the tacky one I will stand out; actually I'm not sure that would be the best thing. I best let my writing do the talking for this one and leave my phone well hidden and padlocked in my bag.


  1. Life of Temptation said...
  2. I LOVE THE CASE BABE!!!!<3 So, cute!!
    Not tacky! lol it mayyy seeem tackyy, but still cute!

  3. Danielle Jennings. said...
  4. ahh thanks! I like to think of it as tacky but also very cute haha xx

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