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As I am still very new to this whole blogging scene, and its a beautifully sunny day, I thought I'd do a little 'get to know me' quiz that I stole from some quiz website for you, even though it may be terribly boring for you as really, my life isn't THAT exciting but you might aswell get a feel for who's behind the writing!

♥ What is your best friends name?..I have many amazing and extremely sexy best friends, both in southend and southampton!

♥ What color underwear/boxers wearing now?.. I am wearing some cheeky Jack Wills boxers, not exactly the most feminine of things but you know, comfort first and for most!

♥ What are you listening to right now?.. The sound of traffic outside my window. Also I can hear my flat mate talking. It's 4 in the afternoon and she has just got up! YES, i live with slobs.

♥ Whats your favorite number?.. I have two just to be crazy! So, number 7 and 9.

♥ What was the last thing you ate?.. A creme egg, naughty naughty. But they are so irresistbale when they are covering every counter. I only wanted to buy some headache tablets but instead invested in a ball of calories.

♥If you were a crayon what color would you be?..Not really something I've ever considered before, i reckon pink because it's girly or navy, just because I like that colour.

♥How is the weather right now?..Marvellous! Beautiful, sunny and actually a tad warm. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will understand my happiness when I didn't wake up to hideous overcast this morning.

♥Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone?.. Jamie, my boyfriend talking about V tickets. I brought my ticket this morning, rang my mother to tell her and she hits with the blow that we are infact in the Caribbean. So, now I am left with a ticket to V and i can't even go! BRILLIANT.

♥The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?..Dress sense obviously and their eyes. I am a massive sucker for pretty eyes.

♥ Do you have a significant other?.. Indeed, my lovely boyfriend and I'd also say my friends are definitely a significant other in my life.

♥Favorite TV show?.. That's easy, The Hills. Although, it's not quite the same minus Lauren..

♥ Siblings?.. Yes, brother and sister, who are both younger than me, so yes, I am the oldest of 3.

♥ Height?.. Short. Does that count as a height measurement?

♥ Hair color?.. Browny blonde, like a really dark blonde. Im not sure, it changes in the sun anyways.

♥ Eye Color?..Blue.

♥ Do you wear contacts?.. No, I dont need glasses so that would be a bit silly if I did.

♥ Favorite Holiday?.. I have quite a few. I j'dore New York for shopping but I think every time I go to the Caribbean it takes my heart.

♥ Month?.. Well again, I have two; clearly I am not good at making decisions I have learnt this afternoon. Firstly, July because it's when it gets really hot and August, because it's my birthday and everyone loves the month their birthday is in!

♥ Have you ever cried for no reason?.. What just randomly burst into tears? I'm unsure, maybe. I tend to do strange things out of nowhere.

♥ What was the last movie you watched?.. The Proposal. It was slightly disappointing I have to admit.

♥ Favorite Day of the Year?.. So here comes my indecision once again. Obviously I love my birthday, Christmas and all that but I'd say New Years Eve is other favourite. A time for a fresh start and everyone needs one of those now and again!

♥ Are you too shy to ask someone out?.. Well i've never done it, so i guess so.

♥ Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)?.. No, i most definitely cannot and am not going to try either.

♥ Hugs or Kisses?.. Im going to be greedy and say BOTH. How can you have hugs without kissies?

♥Chocolate or Vanilla?.. In ice cream terms, Vanilla but in food terms, chocolate all the way.

♥ Do you want to get married?.. Yes, so much. I am a proper romantic but I suppose when you meet the right person that's what happens.

♥ Who would you go anything for?.. My family, boyfriend and best friends, clique yes, but we aren't going to run around like a headless chicken for anyone now are we?

♥ Who is least likely to be in your life next year?.. Hopefully, noone will be gone from my life, but a lot changes in a year, but I'd rather not think about that.

♥ What books are you reading?.. This is going to sound awful, but nothing at the moment. I do love a good read, but normally when I'm on holiday, otherwise I tend to just not have the time to fit it in.

♥ Piercings?.. Just my ears. I really couldn't see anything else suiting me.

♥ Favorite movies?.. Like any girl, the most quotable film ever, Mean Girls and i also love Deja Vu even though it's very different to anything I'd usually watch.

♥ Favorite football Team?.. I clearly don't support football, other than England. I do get right into the world cup, so this summer should be fun! But I'd have to say Arsenel, only because my boyfriend supports them and I can't stand his sulking when they lose.

♥ What were u doing before this?.. Just got of the phone to one of my best friends at home, Tas. I love her alot!

♥Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?.. Salted. Plain and buttered popcorn are vile.

♥ Dogs or cats?.. Dogs! I am ridiculously scared of cat's. I used to have this dream when I was little about a big tiger chasing me and eating me so, I suppose my fear of cats has come from that. Tigers are just basically a big cat and also very very scary.

♥ Favorite flower?.. Roses, any colour.

♥ Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do?.. I don't think, unless you count underage drinking but let's face it, EVERYONE has had a few before they turn 18, and anyone who says they haven't LIESSSSSSS.

♥ Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex?.. Yes, i have a few, and actually live with some of them. Not so good when you are running from the shower back to your room though.

♥ Have you ever loved someone?..Yes, currently I am very much in love.

♥ Who would you like to see right now?.. Well, I'd like to see Jamie (my boyfriend) as I missing him alot while I am in Southampton and also my friends from Southend that I haven't see for over a month and am missing very deeply.

♥ Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?.. Oh look this is an American quiz! Am i still friends with anyone from NURSERY? No, i don't think so. I don't even remember anyone from when I was 4.

♥ Have you ever fired a gun?..No. No, I havent.

♥ Do you like to travel by plane?.. Like too? Well, I don't think anyone particularly enjoys sitting on a seat for hours but I don't mind when it's taking me away to somewhere lovely.

♥ Right-handed or Left-handed?.. Right handed. Nice and boring I am!

♥ How many pillows do you sleep with?.. Well, I think I change alot. I like a right mix. Sometimes one, sometimes two. Depends on my mood.

♥ Are you missing someone?.. Yes lots of people. Jamie, Tas, Georgie, Chanelle, Luce and all the other Southend girls. A much need bottle of wine with them is needed.

♥ Do you have a Tattoo?.. No thankyou.

♥ Anybody on myspace that you'd go on a date with?.. Well firstly as I never use Myspace and in fact deleted it the other day, no and secondly I wouldn't be dating anyone as have a boyfriend I am very happy with.

So... hope that was really fun for you! Even though I am sure it wasn't at least you got to hear a little bit about me.
Also while I am here I have to show you this.....

How beautiful it this stunning VW bag?! I am a little bit in love with it and I think thats a happy note to leave you on.


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