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As per usual, my day off has consisted of nothing but sleeping, shopping, facebooking, eating and seeing friends, which considering i live with them is pretty much inevitable. So, while we all wallow together in the self-inflicted student bordem, I filled my empty hours, browsing and dreaming, about a new spring wardrobe, not reachable on my student budget. Instead, I managed to send myself into a shopoholic's state of grief after coming across this gorgeous Chanel dress worn by Alexa Chung at the Elle Style Awards and sadly realising that I can watch other people slip into such beautys for this season while i appear to be stuck rumaging around in endless heaps of Primark skirts and blouses, trying to find at least one decent buy, but coming up with nothing.

I have most definitely given up on the likes of such shops, realising that unless you are looking for plain tees or a fancy dress outfit, they normally become a jungle of poor attempts and failed designs. Not that I am completely slating them, because SOMETIMES you might find a lovely bargin but I think personally it's best I stick to Topshop.
Topshop is my weakness. To all you gorgeous girls that love clothes, you will understand exactly where I am coming from. It's a wonderland of clothes in all their glory, especially for this season.

And here is my Topshop spring wishlist and trust me there is so much more I could hope for but for now I thought I'd better give my poor student budget a break from over spending. But like the naughty child I am when it comes to clothes, the lilac dress has already been worn and hanging in my wardrobe, but you know, when something steals your heart, it cannot be helped. I think i may buy the faded floral shorts next. I am going to either V festival or Reading this year, so i think those pretty shorts will look rather cute with wellies and an oversized t-shirt? Mmmm, we shall see! Anyways, having said that, I am very excited for 17.55 this evening for the V lineup annoucement; that excited that I have already planned my outfits...is that sad?
I think after making myself seriously depressed by Chanel's spring collection I think i have managed to reduce my hatred for my bank balance by allowing myself to treat myself to a few Topshop specialities and now I think i'll go and get ready for the V line up annoucement with my best friend. :)
Danielle xxx


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