The Love Of My Life.

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So, like many girls, I use the phrase, 'that is the love of my life' or similairly 'you are the love of my life' a bit to regularly, as really I have over a thousands loves that complete me, these being shoes, bags, clothes, my blackberry; as you can imagine the list goes on. But also like any other girl, I find room for the love for my friends and family, each of whom i have also called the love of my life at some point in my life; many probably alcohol related statements.
Anyway, the other day, one of my beautiful friends, whined to me that she so desperately wanted to be in one of my blogs. She in fact got so excited at my recent charity shop blog (she is a fan of it) thinking she was going to get a mention, she squealed, "oh, oh, here i come!". Il let you picture her disappointed face. With that in mind, I just felt so terrible at her dismay and clearly how much it means to her to be a part of my blog, so i thought you know what, she can have her own little page. So, here you are Ruth, a whole one dedicated to you, how do you feel?!
I'd say Ruth is a mentalist to be honest. A mentalist, with as much as I hate to admit, great style. So below, I have put some snap shots of the lady herself that I have cheekily stolen from her FaceBook, kindly taken by her sister i think. So, here you have it a sneak peek at Ruth's wonderful collection.

There is a few pieces from what I'd call her vintage wardrobe. Her combination of style and accessories is always perfect. However, Ruth is now sporting a new look and bright sleek red hair, putting a finish to her unique look, pictured below.

You see, Ruth dares to be different. Her stand-out and fabulous style, never fails to her noticed. There has been many occasions where many people have complimented, "Wow, I love your hair!", there has even been an incident involving one boy that stalked this redheaded sweetheart asking everyone for her number, bombarding her with texts calling himself her 'badboy'. It was highly amusing but also proof that her style is electric, even when she does look like this....

She also doesn't go un-noticed by the same sex, she has a few lesbian offers to her list also. I think my personal favourite was definitely the lady tramp. Picture the scene: Ruth is walking, a slight bounce in her step as she walks past the flourishing trees of the park. As she breezes round the corner, heading back to her flat, a slight shock sends her reeling backwards. A old lady is standing infront of her, teeth rotted, those that are left, strewn with black markings. Her hair wasn't much of a sight etheir, all matted with last nights pillows mud and grease. As Ruth tried to continue her journey home, the lady shouted, "Oi love, you've got something on your fanny," Ruth slightly besmused peered down, only to hear the women claim proudly, "My eyes!". Naturally she ran.
Ruth's style is that of a vintage queen, varying from vintage clothes, Topshop and charity shopping; her quirky take on fashion admirable. However, it's not just her clothes that makes me love her, it's also her personality has shines through. Many times she has come out with some pretty special oneliners such as:

* "Fucking hell, i look pregnant, like the next virgin mary." "But your not a virgin?" "Oh yeah"

* "I think this dress kinda of makes me look like a slaggy granny"

Ruth is also known for watching strange programmes on her laptop, her personal favourite being Animal Heros, the tales of the gorilla and pig that saved lives. AMAZING! What an inspiration she is.

And these are the well-established reasons why this girl is other part of the love of my life collection. Now, I am sure she fully regerts moaning at me for her lack of mentions and officially hates me. Oh and also lads, this stunner of a girl is free and single, any numbers required just ask :)


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