Wang Wonderland.

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Today, as its persistantly seems to do so at the moment, it rained. It rained all through the night; the irritable drips keeping me in suspense for the moment of silence, then it rained all through the day, soaking my cream pearled mittens (which by the way are ADORABLE) and now as i look out my window onto the train line, it is once again, raining.
However, amoungst the mist, the chill and water that surrounded me today, i managed to find some relief and a slight ray of hope in the form of Alexander Wang. Now, i love his work. I think the beauty of his designs is hidden in their quirkyness. His designs are always so unusual, with the mix of fabric and colours, but still i absolutely adore them. It's always his collections to me that stand out. I think maybe it's because in general i have a great love for odd, quirky and vintage clothes and I think his collections always have that kind of appeal.
So, while sitting here on the day that hell chose weather, I found myself browsing and as always, being stunned by his spring/summer collection that showcased at New York Fashion Week.

And above are some of my personal favourites. I love the way Wang has made his clothes look so comfortable but yet chic. The combination of the funky sunglasses and slouched clothes makes the perfect summer wardrobe. Sunglasses are always a girls must have; the bigger the better, so i nothing to complain about with Alexander's wonderful designs; big and crazy!
I must also admit, I am an extreme fan of the plait for this season! I have been wearing my hair in the scruffy sideplait as my 'messy, just got out of bed' look for so long and now i feel as though I have a great excuse for doing it as often as I want...Alexander Wang told me so!
To me, Wang has always inspired my style. I suppose to some people, he may not be as well known or as loved as I'd like but i think his slack style always manages to look so sleek with his unforgettable accessorising and volumised hair completing his unique look; something I'm sure is a talent to master. Fashion is also about comfort aswell as looking fabulous and Wang himself even said that this season his collection was inspired by 'American Teen Culture'. Looks like for the comfort side Wang has got it spot on for this season once again!


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