London, wonderful London.

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This weekend, i know many of you will etheir be tucked up with your loved one, out with your friends or on the very verge of throwing yourself out of your apartment window with all the contast reminders that you infact don't have a date this Valentine's Day. I suppose for those that really are lucky enough to be in love, it's a time that makes you feel even more grateful for being so by the sheer amount of people that simply seem so depressed by the thought of Sunday. The way I see it is that maybe Valentines day isn't just about having a date or going for a fancy dinner, but maybe its a day to tell all the people you care about that you love them, whether it's a sisterly, friendly or partner love.

Having said that, I am one of the lucky ones that happens to be in love this year. I have the most wonderful boyfriend whisking me off to the Hilton in London for the weekend and like any girl London is one of my most loved places in the world.

Although my number one is most definitely the glorious Paris or New York, i'd say London takes an extremely close second. I think it's something about the atmosphere. It's a place you can walk down the street wearing whatever daring outfit you can put together, and the highest heels you can find, and you will just look like part of the furniture. The thing is in London everyone's out for fashion, no matter what you wear there will always be someone wearing bigger heels than you, or a more beautiful dress.

It's not only the fashion that makes London stand 0ut, as every other city is just as spectacular for its shopping, its just that London just breathes British. I know this sounds utterly stupid but there is something about London that really screams, "You have found the heart of England." I think it's the quirky apparell that has quilted the city in a thick haze. London is bursting of beautiful vintage shops and boutiques all found off the winding cobbled streets such as Carnaby Street. It's these places that really creates London's unique wonder and makes it an individual fashion icon.

That being said, I am extremely excited for the weekend for two reasons, both equally as marvellous; a weekend with the best boyfriend and a weekend with my beloved London shops...oh how i have missed them!

I know some of you maybe dreading the upcoming days but instead embrace them! Take your friends out, see your family; Valentines day is about showing people you care. I am just extremely lucky I am spending mine with the two loves of my life; shopping and the boyfriend.

I'd also like to add a note to say R.I.P Alexander McQueen, you were an inspiration to many and London Fashion Week won't be the same without you. Thank you for creating many wonderful dresses for me to admire and dream I could wear. xxx


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