Fabulous Clothes Given Away..And Helping Out!

Posted: Friday, 5 February 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. | Labels: , , , , ,

I think charity shopping is one of the best things i have ever discovered. I remember, probably like alot of people, when the thought of wearing someone elses clothes was the most vulgar idea and how disgusting i found it; but like me, i want everyone to covert to the wonder that is charity shopping.
Honestly, i can understand the reservations, but once you look past that there are so many reasons why charity shopping is magnificent. Vintage clothes, unique peices, cheap prices and most of all contributing to charity while solving your mass shopping obsession.
I kinda of have a problem. I get this feeling bubble up inside me, like a force, thrashing at my body, only to be stopped by a new dress, jumper or bag. This feeling crops up at least once a week, in full strength, pulling me towards a floral vest, or gorgeous ballet pumps, causing me nothing but endless misery and sleepless nights until i have that new outfit. OK, insomnia is slightly dramatic, but seriously i do have a shopping disorder and as you can imagine it can get expensive, and with a student balance, my overdraft can't take the weight of a fabulous new pair of shoes every week. So, thats where charity shopping has been my saviour! Obviously, i still can't resist a Topshop dress every now and then, but when i am in dire need of a money spend, charity shops call my name. I have actually got some of my favourite clothes from there, and not to sound big headed but many a compliment too.
You see, fashion isn't about the labels you wear. Having a pair of Jimmy Choo's or a Chanel bag doesn't make you fashionable (as beautiful as they maybe!). Fashion is about having style, your own style. It doesnt matter if you are wearing a £90 All Saints jumper or a £4 charity shop one, all that matters is which one shows style, and originality. Fashion can mould a person, but it’s the individual style and touches that truly make the outfit, and while some will take this in their stride, others just wrap themselves in endless labels, scared of reaching out further to create their own style, and to me that is not fashion.
Charity shops have provided me with vintage cardigans and bags, all which add the finishing touches and unique style. Im not saying you should buy your entire outfit or wardrobe from a charity shop, I just believe that you can get amazing one off pieces that help you create something new while helping and giving. Now surely that's fashion for thought.


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