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For one of my main projects for this year at uni is to produce a magazine article, sounds easy I know but you have to do EVERYTHING yourself; and i mean everything, from the photographs to the page numbers. It's actually quite fun really, so I'm not complaining.
Our brief was to do this season spring/summer trends and while most people shot off to do nude, or lace or something else really obvious, I chose to do something a little bit different.
I decided to do a modern take on Alice in Wonderland, inspired by the release of the new film. I noted that the main 'beauty secert' if you like, was dark makeup and the main clothing trend was pastels, which to me, almost seemed like a bizarre but yet a wonderful combination of the Tim Burton style with the gothic features and the Disney orginal colours of pastels. It might of just been me being having a crazy fashion faux pas, but I loved the idea and so unfolded my project.
I recently did the photoshoot for the feature and I wanted to share a few of the images with you as really do quite like them, but obviously let me know if you hate them so I can start making drastic rearrangements to my work!

So heres just a few of the pictures that are my favourites.

Apologies for the logos and the rubbish quality but the original files are really big so I thought I'd scale them down for this!
Anyways, I know they aren't great but hopefully for a first year uni student they are alright?


  1. VintageElectra said...
  2. I actually love those photos!
    The Hair adornments a lovely and the photography is really well done.
    Good luck on your project. x

  3. m a d s said...
  4. Hate them :O They're amazing haha I love the bows xoxo

  5. Mimi said...
  6. they look great. :)


  7. Allie Bunni said...
  8. Love these shots! I think the second one is my favourite. The location is great, love the hair & make up. =)

  9. Emma Jade said...
  10. I really really love the photos, all they need is a little bit of editing so they look more ethereal and they'd be perfect :)

  11. Michelle said...
  12. Oooh these are gorgeous! Love the hair accessories and the dress in the second photograph :) Hope your project turns out well lovely XOXO

  13. Anonymous said...
  14. hi. :D wow your pictures are absolutely great and artistic. I really like how you got that Alice in Wonderland theme going on. Really cool. Goodluck with your project.

    I will follow you now and follow me too? :D


  15. Fee said...
  16. I'm in love with your blog <3

  17. Fee said...
  18. The first picture is soo beautiful. I like the style

  19. [Mary] said...
  20. Where do you go to uni? I can't WAIT to do things like this at uni :)


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