I hang my coat up in the first bar.

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Personally, I think a night out in usually the perfect time to show off your wardrobe. To put on your favourite heels, dress or skirt, to make you feel a millions dollars. It's probably the favourite part of my night out, to get all dolled up and picking a dress from my collection of 67 dresses that I have, (I counted yesterday and I am now slightly worried about my insane dress habit). So, why is that so many girls insist on making a night out their ideal time to dress like they have walked right out of the local prostitute house, by slapping their face with so much makeup you could mistake them for being the Benefit counter at your local department store, and wearing a skirt that looks like something about of my belt collection.
On friday I went for my average night out, and nearly choked on my malibu and coke when I saw one girl. Not out of jelously, or of her amazing beauty, as I would have prefered to have been halted in my drinking, no, it was thanks to her delightful outfit.
Now, I am all for individuality! I love seeing someone wear something in a new way or trying out a new idea but this 'outfit', if you can call it that, actually made me want to die a little bit inside.
Picture the scene: me and my girlfriends sitting in a bar having a few drinks and in walks in a young girl firstly with overly straightened hair, wearing a demin corset with leggings. OK, so it doesn't sound to bad just saying that, but let me finish. The corset didn't fit her. In fact I was subjected to rather a lot of tummy and hips where she was wearing her leggings as hipsters. One of my pet hates as it is, is the leggings and t-shirt look; I don't really want to see peoples bum cracks!
And while I was hating her outfit as it was, I was saw the shoes. OH THE SHOES... white buckle up boots. At this point, I wanted to cry. Actual, genuine tears.
I just don't understand how these people look in the mirror and think 'oh hell yeah, I look good!' because they would be lying to themselves and destroying eyes such as mine and my friends. Surely, on your weekly night out, you want to look fantastic not trashy. Well, I suppose some people see trashy as fantasic... how sad that they feel the need to go out looking like that.


  1. Emily's Escape said...
  2. haha this is good:) i've seen a few trollops like that!xx

  3. m a d s said...
  4. Hahaha, the white boots - dear god. xxx

  5. Laura said...
  6. Oh god, sounds hideous!

    Another thing I hate is when girls take so much time and effort to look pretty and then spoil it all by getting insanely drunk. Makeup down the face, shoes falling off etc is not a good look :)

  7. VintageElectra said...
  8. Sadly these are the scenes I face every time I go for a night out. As it turns out, I seem to live amongst people who find legging and t-shirts sexy and flattering.

    Each to their own I guess. :)

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