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Posted: Thursday, 1 April 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. | Labels: , ,

I basically died, went to heaven and got reincarnated as Lauren Conrad yesterday when I was aimlessly flicking through the ASOS magazine that I get delievered every few months I think. I'm not sure, I think I get it a few times a year maybe.

Anyways, while I was looking at their ideas of 'summer must haves' like every other magazine, I got immediately sidetracked when I saw a beautiful little article and annoucement that they are now selling Chanel bags online at ASOS. I think I may have squealed a little bit when I saw it.
Actual, genuine happiness. Although I can't actually afford one right now thanks to little student money I have, it is one of my life goals to own a Chanel bag or two or three, as sad as this may seem.

For as long as I can even remember, Chanel bags have always caught my attention over any other bag and I am a massive bag lover. I'd say I actually love bags more than shoes! I guess your either a bag or shoe girl...or maybe both like me. I think Chanel bags have a wonderful and extra special class about them. I love their original quilting and chained straps; I just want to sleep in a bed of Chanel quilting comfort.

I do think that now selling them online will sadly diminish the rush of actually walking into a shop and proudly walking out with £2000 worth of bag beauty sat perfectly wrapped inside that carrier swigging from your wrist, but at least this way I can stare at the bags for hours without having to put on my poshest accent and most stuck up face just to casually stroll into the shop, pretend I have intent to buy just so I can feel and smell the leather, only to decide it's not good enough. Not being funny but who in their right mind would decide a Chanel bag isn't good enough! I reckon the staff must eventually clock on...

Well at least now I can stare at their glorified beauty from the comfort of my own bed and the comfort of my natural face. Thank god I will never have to walk around pouting to make it look like I've had lip injections or something.

I can't wait to walk into Chanel and actually buy something. It will make my life complete as I know it. One day, I WILL own a Chanel bag, there is no doubt about that; I'd die unsatisfied if I didn't. I think I'd even shovel horse manure every day for a week for free just to own one.


  1. Shabna said...
  2. I love chanel bags too but I can't find a justification to spend that much money on a bag :(

  3. Danielle Jennings. said...
  4. @shabna.. I know what you mean! But they are just sooooo beautiful.

  5. m a d s said...
  6. Gahh they're gorgeous, I've nominated you for a blog award :D xoxo

  7. Anonymous said...
  8. hey! thanks♥ for following my blog! i'm following yours now too :)
    yes, chanel bags are sooo pretty!! i want one too!! ;D

  9. Emma Jade said...
  10. a little shocked that asos are selling them! But yay! If i ever find myself with 2 grand to spare i know where im heading!

  11. Vivian said...
  12. asos sells chanel bags? oow i didn't know that=]
    but i love the first one!

  13. citygirlstyle said...
  14. I wonder how many drunken plastic purchases this will result in!! I love going into selfridges just to get the rush from Balengciga bags - i'm with you on that chick! x

  15. Rock Georgia Roll said...
  16. amazing bags... i want them !!!!!

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    gonna follow
    check out mine, its realy new so i need all the help i can get ! any tips xx



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