Rain is pure evil.

Posted: Tuesday, 2 February 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. | Labels: , , ,

I am fully, utterly, ridiculously fed-up of this hideous weather; snow, wind, rain and the cold. These miserable clouds, cast nothing but a grim silhouette of my absolute despair. I can smell the suspence for summer, gripping the nation; i think even the ducks will be glad of some sunshine.
This wonderful thought occured to me after, the pure evil that is rain, took the duty of making my final look for the day, sleek drowned rat. I took the effort this morning to curl my hair; out of bordem mostly, but the effort was there. However, the convenience that rain seems to have weaved into its personality, shone through today with almighty strength; leaving my hair beautifully lifeless, limp and thoroughly soaked after about 30 seconds of putting my Ugg Boots out the door. Only to add to this fabulous look i was already sporting, i added a pinch more convenience to the mixture and tarted up my eye's with a delicious 'smoky effect'. That did not look so delicious streamed half way down my face as the rain splashed relentlessly against my newly smugged eyes. I would have beat any panda at their own version of Crufts, if it existed.
The right beauty I was looking, sadly, publicly traipsing through Southampton High Street, I let my thoughts wander to a wonderful place.

Egypt. Kindly supplied by holiday makers, this image is well and truely rooted into my brain; paradise. A place that makes me realise that maybe i have to deal with the horrific weather here in delightful England to be able to hang my coat up and jet off to cocktails, sunshine, sand and sea.

I suppose the moral of this story; dont exhaust yourself moaning about the weather, you will get to bask in the sunshine someday....Oh, who am i kidding? Give me summer and give it to me now! I hate you rain.


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