Out with the old, and in with the new..

Posted: Monday, 1 February 2010 | Posted by Danielle Jennings. |

So, i'm kind of new to this whole blogging thing and in a way i suppose theres something quite scary and daunting about posting your thoughts, dreams and ideas online; open for analysis and critque. But in some respects joining the blogging world is a way of releasing your bottled up passion, whether it be about football, poems, or fashion. There's no limit to how much detail you can pour out, or what thoughts you let slide. Blogging is a way to put both hands on the world around you and allowing your mind to run free, letting people in you never would have before.
I guess my inspriation for starting this blog, (other than my burning desire for fashion and writing), is to start something new and fresh. This year for me is about taking on new challenges, having a new take on life and get rid of all the 'bad seeds' from 2009. It's those different but yet similar events that happen every year that open your eyes to a different place that was always right there infront of you, just rose-tinted by your own eyes. Yet when the truth of the place you adored and felt safest is finally revealed it still feels like having the Tiffany ripped from your ears or being slapped in the face with a giant wet fish. So, with that in mind and having that happen to me, more than several times last year, i am changing my life, embracing everything.
So like the start of every new season, when you sweep out your wardrobe to make way for your new influx of Topshop, i am clearing out my old life and have already began my new influx of absolutely fabulous! And i can tell you, it is the most magnificent thing i have done.


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